How do I start.I don't know how ?

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Shauna - posted on 12/07/2012




I'm assuming you want to start a Recipe Swap.... Get your friends together & start there. Every week or every other week or once a month get together & everyone chooses a different recipe (Make it a theme... cookies, cakes, breakfasts, lunch casseroles, etc...); each person makes enough of their recipe for everyone in the group to try/ sample & everyone brings copies of the recipe so everyone can have one for their personal recipe box. (You can make it a digital recipe swap by setting up a blog that each person in the group can contribute their recipe to... or assign one person to typing everyone's recipes in the blog, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.)

Sounds like fun!

Good luck!

Shauna Nilsson ~ UtahMum2Nine

Layton, Utah

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