How Much To Charge For Baked Goods?

Jayce - posted on 10/08/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Does anyone sellbaked goods outof their home? If so how much do you charge for what you sell and how did you determine the price?

I love to bake and my hubby always has baked goods in his lunch at work. His co-workers are always asking to try what I've made for him and I've made things for him for pot lucks or bake sales that they may have had at his work. Now he's getting requests for me to make specific things. I told him to tell them that I would but that I'd have to charge them. He came home last night with a request but I have no idea how much to charge or how to even determine a fair price. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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For pies and tarts depending on the size and if the fruit is in season $10-$15 per pie/tart. Cookies, I would do $6 for a dozen and $10 for 2 dozen. Cakes are the hardest since so much of it can very. For a simple decorated 10 in cake, I would charge $20. Depending on the type of cake used as well as filling it could easily go up $30.

I'm working on fudge right now so that is in ounces and ranges from $4-$6 an ounce. With my plain being the lowest at $3.50.

Take what types of ingrediants you use into account. Organic ingrediants cost more so the end product should too. Fruit fillings often are more than cream.

I hope that was at least a little bit helpful.

Becca - posted on 10/10/2011




I would visit a couple of bakery's and check out their prices, then base my prices on theirs but maybe add a little to it for your time.

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