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I don't like to cook becaue i hate running to the store to get ingredients. If anyone has any really good easy recipes with ingredients that you usually have at home I would love them thanks!

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Addie - posted on 10/07/2011




Find yourself a good cook book and look for recipes that call for ingredients that you normally have in your home. For me, if it has more than six ingredients, it is a deal breaker. Not counting seasonings. I have a war time cook book. Food rationing was in effect at that time. I love it.

Go to your local library and look through their selections before you invest in a cook book of your own. And don't forget to look at children's cook books. They have simple recipes that require few ingredients. Yet the whole family can enjoy the meal.

Krystle - posted on 08/21/2009




I have a good and easy homemade chicken noodle soup and dumplings.

3 chicken breasts
1 cup chopped carrots
1 cup chopped celery
1 pkg egg noodles
4 quarts water
4 Tbsp chicken bullion
salt and pepper to taste

Boil everything except noodles for 1 hour 15 minutes. take chicken out and chop into small cubes and return to pan add noodles and cook according to noodle directions.(depends on the brand anywhere from 20-30 min) it makes a lot but is great for leftovers and also freezes great as long as you let it thaw in the fridge instead of defrosting in microwave.


1 cup bisquick
milk to consistency
2 cups water
1 tsp chicken bullion
1 tsp beef bullion

Bring water and bullion to a boil in a med. skillet.start with 1/4 cup milk add in bisquick mix until you get a doughy biscuit mix. put spoonfuls of dough mix into boilong broth. cook over med heat 10 mins with the lid off and then 10 mins with the lid on. great to dip in soup.

Chris - posted on 08/13/2009




Wraps are a staple in my house. I keep a variety of cheeses (shredded) in the freezer, and tortillas are cheep enough that I just buy a pack every other grocery trip. Fill them with any meat (including lunch meat), top with cheese and any leftover veggies and micorowave.

My other secret. . .if you have the space. . .bulk up. Freeze meat in dinner size portions--one of my kids favorites is breaded chicken, and we'll bread it with anything--their latest favorite is Rice Krispies. Stock the pantry with things like spaghetti sauce, canned tomatoes, canned veggies, onion soup mix, ranch dressing packets, taco seasonins packets, bread crumbs, creamed soup, rice, instant potatoes.

[deleted account]

check the web. or has a search engine where you just enter an ingredient, and it will find reciepes for you. And I agree with you, I hate to grocery shop and I don't like cooking much more, so I shop only 1-2xs per month. Take the time to write a monthly menu (just ideas) but choose meals where you can use the same ingredients several times. then when you cook a meal, double it and then freeze half for later. Rachel Ray is good at making several meals out of one main ingredient.

Holly - posted on 08/12/2009




simple.....biscuit mix, sausage, and gravy mix!!! All cheap. You're still going to have to grocery shop every now and then!! So anyway's just like your making biscuits but put the sausage and the gravy mix in then make pop them in the oven. It's soo good. Hard to explain. I hope you get the idea!!

Kelly - posted on 08/12/2009




I fry up a whole bunch of ground beef and then season it. I then use it throughout the week for spagetti, burritos/taco's, nacho's and sometimes chili. All easy to make in a little bit. I also make meatloaf, and enchilada's and freeze them for later.

there is a recipe site called they are awesome. I also clip coupons out of the sunday paper and then wait for the store ads to come out (on tuesday up here) make my list and I go to the separate stores (which is easy for me as they are so close together). I also avoid going friday-sunday. I make my hubby take care of my son so I can go shopping after work, usually on a thursday.

Hope this helps

[deleted account]

o.k., heres one that I love to do. It's not exactly healthy but you can't be healthy all the time : ) Homemade burritos. It's quick and easy and yummy. You will need:

1 can refried beans

1 package taco seasoning

1 package flour tortillas (soft taco/fajita size)

8 oz cheddar cheese

4 oz mexican blend

(I'll take a moment to say that you don't have to buy different types of cheese. Use all cheddar if that is easier and what you like or buy all blended. . it doesn't matter - don't stress about it)

1 can (10oz) Enchilada sauce (I've also used taco sauce. Again it's a matter of taste and I think both work great)

3 green scallions (this can be optional but I think you lose a lot if you leave them out. But if you have everything in the pantry but this, go ahead and make without)

And finally a meat, cut into strips. You want to use about 1.5 lbs. I've done both chicken and beef but I want to try shrimp at some point.

Heat oven to 400.

Melt butter in skillet, add taco seasoning pack, add your meat and cook until done. Should take about 6 minutes or so.

Microwave the beans for about 2 minutes, stirring 1/2 through

Spread a thin amount of beans on tortilla followed by the meat, some cheese and the scallions. Roll up and put in ungreased baking dish (9x13). Continue until all are done. Once done pour the enchilada sauce over the dish and cover with remaining cheese

Bake for 7-12 minutes. everything is cooked so we're just melting and heating through at this point.

I usually serve with salsa and sourceam!

It looks like a lot of work from what I've typed but it honestly is a qiuck dish and very yummy!!

[deleted account]

I just have like stuff that you can keep in food storage frozen, cans and occasionally fresh fruits and veggies.. even if there are some recipes that involve one thing that i can buy in bulk and keep in the house.

[deleted account]

I used to have the same issue. Now, I just find the recipes I like and do all my shopping on the weekend when the hubby is watching the baby. I've tried to get around this big shopping adventure but I just end up stressing about what to cook all week. I guess to answer your question I would need to know what you normally have at home to cook with? I end up using a lot of herbs/produce so I am constantly at the store, but I'm sure I've got something for you. . .let me know what you were thinking. . .

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