My 11 yr old homeschooled daughter gets off the computer and has a filthy mouth and is mean and horrible to me? What is going on?

Cindy - posted on 02/08/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Please help me. I am devastated. My II almost 12 yr old daughter is homeschooled. She has gotten a filthy mouth after using her computer. She plays tranformice. I mean she is hateful after this game and I think she is chatting. I have none of her passwords, she forgot them. Her dad bought this for her and she set the thing up!! Can't I put something on her computer to see the screen and figure out why she is so different. She seems possessed! We were the best of friends, now I mean nothing it seems.
Pls help me.


Stephanie - posted on 02/11/2013




Cindy, I can imagine how you must feel. Can you say some prayers for your daughter?
Don't forget that you are the mother, her authority. YOU say what goes and what stays. If you feel the need to get rid of her computer, do it. A computer is not a necessity and if you have one, she can use yours, where you can keep a close eye on her use.
Books are better than games, give her some interesting ones to read. If she needs to play games, get her a seek-and-find booklet or word search from the grocery store.
She may say she hates you, like you may have said to your mother at that age. But, from your post I can tell you are a good mother, she will always love you. Be firm

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Virginia - posted on 02/19/2013




We purchased the kid friendly Polaroid tablet. It is safe! Be firm. I just learn from my seasoned friends. Prayers to you for strength. This is tough love... Be strong. Be courageous. You can do this . You ARE amazing. Take the computer away. She will fight back. Redirect her... You can do this.

Marleta - posted on 02/19/2013




My daughter is 13 and doesn't have a computer or a cell phone and she is well behaved, when she had a cell phone she was disrespectful and rude, disobeyed me and my husband as well. We took her phone away when she was 10 and hasn't looked back since. My Aunt thinks dr should have a cell phone , but I explain to her that this is what works for us. She does have a house phone to herself basically! So she's not totally deprived! I think Facebook and cell phone access isn't good for some kids who don't understand boundaries just a suggestion and an example hope it helps :) .

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