my girl won't eat right

Hanna - posted on 03/11/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




she is 21 month , and all what she like to eat is fruit and all waht she like els is junkfood, we try so many diffrent stuff all ready but she wo't eat it.

i am worred about her, is not that we give her all day long junkfood, not at all.

but she still ask for her bottel all the time, but she have to start eating normal food. how can help me?


Lauren - posted on 03/12/2010




at meal times you decide what she is to eat, choose plain tasting things such as sliced chicken and mashed potatoes. Put just a little on her plate and the rest of the family sit down to eat. This sounds awful but just ignore your child if she starts making a massive fuss. Just talk about family things and gently say to her ''no no darling you have to eat what you have''. The more fuss she makes then just stay calm and say again ''eat what you have darling''. If she wont eat it tell her she cant sit with the rest of the family while they eat and she has to leave the table, if she still will not eat, remove her from the table and stay calm and finish your meal, she will take a tantrum but just let her. You are not starving her she is choosing not to eat it, if she then wants to snack later because she didnt eat her meal and is hungry offer her carrot sticks, pitta bread and other healthy snacks which arnt fruit. She will soon learn she has 2 options, eat the nice meal at meal time or just get healthy snacks, she will soon start eating her meals and you should praise her when she does. The rules are:

NO sweets, snacks, junk food etc

Stay strong, she will fight you on this and you will feel awful but stick with it

Dont feel guilty, you are offering her food so you are not starving her

She may go to bed once without dinner but dont give in

If she really wont take the food after trying this then do NOT give in but take her to the doctors.

Dont give her attention at mealtimes when she kicks up a fuss, bad attention is still attention to children.

Good luck xx

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Lauren and Shannon are completely right. I've had to do this with my son, the only thing different that I did was when he wanted a snack later, I didnt give him one, I made him wait until the next meal time, occasionally if I was worried about him starving, I would offer him the food that he refused to eat, and he would eventually eat it. Kids arent stupid, they wont starve to death. Hope this helps. God Bless!

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I would just give her no other options. You make what you want her to eat. Even if she goes on strike and won't eat for a couple of days, she won't starve to death. She'll eventually get hungry enough to eat what you choose for her.

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