need fun recipe for kids who don't like meat..and not much vegs.

Brenda - posted on 11/13/2008 ( 1 mom has responded )




I want something that is fun and healthy, Wanna open there minds to different tastes..textures..etc..


Kara - posted on 11/13/2008




my daughter is 5 and on a bread and butter starvation diet...she says no to everything i make.

latey i have been letting her make her own pizza I give her the dough and it take out the tupperware containers of all the veggies i have cut up (we have a bird so i have several kinds on hand all the time diced into little bits) I let her do the sauce and cheese and put on whatever she wants- she only eats 5 bites of it anyway and of course has a bread and butter (i put protein powder in her milk that she drinks daily)

my mother tells me its a phase and she'll grow out of it. a friend of mine took her daughter to the hospuital and had a feeding tube put in for three days when her daughter had gotten so bad with not eating. so i have threatened that I would take her (just like friend H) to the hospital if she kept refusing dinner.

I don't know how the mom on john and kate plus 8 feeds all of her kids ONE MEAL and if they don't like it too bad, i think i've spoiled mine rotten.


I have lots of good recipes I'll post later on when I'm kid free again.


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