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Tamika - posted on 02/08/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Our diet is gf/df and we are planning a massive garden this year. We are also planning to can most of what we harvest-we have NEVER had a big garden (only a few tomatoes) and we have never canned anything other than tomato juice...HELP! I want to make sure we can get through until next years garden and I don't know what all I need. We live in the country and we hunt and have access to deer, rabbits, squirrels and fish-though we are not big fish eaters at all. I like to not have to run to the grocery store for much of anything (maybe eggs and milks-but not much else). I want to can EVERYTHING in site but I am not sure how. All the canning books say "apples for baking" well, can I can apple pie filling? same with pumpkin pie filling...we have 5 people we are feeding and I am just so scared I will get overwhelmed. I need to make a moc menu or something. So far-we eat a lot of "stews" (potato w/ tomato, venison, onion and sometimes beef stock and veggies...also i make tomato w/ rice,onion, venison and corn) I need a little variety...any suggestions?


Stephanie - posted on 02/11/2013




Wow, sounds like a big undertaking. I have experienced weeds over my head due to seedy manure in my garden that was too big for just me to tend, I didn't have time for it! I think you will have to get all 5 of your family members on gardening duty. Also, here is a great site I found when starting to plan for a garden.
Sorry to say, I don't know about canning, but I do know that if you have a cool, dry, dark place to set aside for storage, root vegetables like butternut and other squashes and also potatoes should last all winter.
Good luck

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