Needing a fun pudding layered dessert

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Any fun ideas on a pudding trifle, parfait or layered dessert? We are having a family party for my dd's 6th birthday. We've already indulged in a cookie cake and cupcakes during parties with her friends. So, I'm looking for something different. I think I want to work with White Chocolate pudding and Chocolate pudding. I'm going to use Sugar Free pudding.

I'd love to hear different ideas to make this delish treat! Thanks!

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Talya - posted on 04/16/2009




Ok...I love making triffles..layered desserts, but you might need to invest in a triffle dish. I got mine in Crate-n-Barrel. Anyhow I have two different ones. One is a layer of brownie, layer of choco pudding, layer of fat-free cool whip, layer of cushed up heath toffee bar, then repeat. Your final top layer should be the cool whip, then i put choco shavings on the top. It's always a hit.
The second one is a layer of reduced fat vanilla waffers, a layer of banana pudding, a
layer of fat free cool whip, a layer of white choco chips. Also a crowd pleaser!
Finally is the strawberry shortcake triffle! A layer of angelfood cake, layer of fresh strawberries, layer of fat-free cool whip, and repeat. I hope this helps! It takes a lot of strawberries, and sometimes more than one brownie recipe to complete. Also make sure to buy the largest tub of cool whip possible! Have fun!

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