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  • There are times in everyone's life when tragedy strikes and all seems lost. And, indeed, sometimes there isn't anything you can do. But in the case of a broken heart due to a lost love, there may be additional avenues that could be of great benefit to you.
  • If you believe in the spiritual world--that there are forces beyond our grasp of knowledge that we simply can't comprehend, then you may have a pleasant surprise ahead of you. A Master Psychic could make contact with the one you love--no matter how stubborn the resistance, no matter how far this person may be from you, no matter how hopeless your situation appears.
  • And upon making contact, the seed will be planted to soften their heart! After all, if you have read this far, you most likely believe that once the love of your life comes to his or her senses, they will realize you are their one and only. It is you they love. And it is you who reunites with this partner of your dreams.
  • So if you are alone and miserable without this special person, you are at a crossroads. And you have an important decision to make. You must decide if you are ready to give this person up once and for all, and move on with your life. Or you may want to give it one last try. One last attempt to retrieve this person who presently seems so adamant about staying away.
  • No greater agonizing decision will you ever have to make.
  • Should you decide the former and feel it is time to move on, it is entirely possible you will find love and happiness down the road. But if you are not ready to give up right now and feel there is still hope, DR SHAIK ZUBAIR is willing to help you.
  • Just say the word and a spell will be cast to contact the person you love - regardless of the distance between you, regardless of their hardened heart, regardless of the barriers that keep you apart. And once their heart is softened, they will see the loving, appealing, beautiful you.
  • Because this extraordinary spell will be cast by DR ZUBAIR, there are additional benefits as well. Others will begin to see you in a different light. You will feel more relaxed, self-assured, confident, and, thus, more beautiful in the eyes of friends and acquaintances. But, above all, this remarkable spell cast in your behalf could be your best opportunity to bring the love of your life back into your life.
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  3. My heart aches,
  4. A part of me is missing.
  5. You are my great passion,
  6. My great love
  7. How clearly you appear in my dreams,
  8. You are in my blood, my soul.
  9. I cry out your name to the endless sky,
  10. Summoning the spirits to assist me.
  11. I must have you,
  12. I can wait no longer.
  13. Return to me,
  14. I command thee.
  15. An inner voice whispers your name,
  16. Visions of your face appear everywhere.
  17. The time has come to open your eyes,
  18. To see the wondrous life that awaits us.
  19. Open your heart,
  20. Allow my love to penetrate the barriers.
  21. Fly quickly to me,
  22. Fall into my loving arms.
  23. In your mind,
  24. You know we are meant to be together.
  25. Surely you must realize,
  26. Our reunion is inevitable.
  27. Can you not see,
  28. How right we are together.
  29. Does your heart not ache,
  30. When you are alone in your thoughts - thinking of me.
  31. Do you not yearn
  32. For my gentle ways, my loving spirit.
  33. Shed the negative thoughts,
  34. That bend your mind,
  35. Cast off the bonds that keep us apart,
  36. Drum up the courage to do what's right.
  37. Fate dictates our coupling,
  38. Return so our destiny can be fulfilled.
  39. Come back to my warm embrace,
  40. Come bask in the warmth of my unconditional love.
  41. I ask the Gods,
  42. To do this one last thing.
  43. And I shall always be grateful,
  44. When I hear your footsteps outside the door.
  45. Returning to me.
  46. EMAIL:shaikzubairamir@gmail.com
  47. WEB: http://www.realspiritualhealer.com
  48. WHATSAPP: +27788111252


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