Obama and His Gifts

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First, it was the set of DVDs for British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Today the idiot "presented" the Queen of England with an iPod. Excuse me - a PERSONALIZED iPod. This man has zero class.

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Bethany - posted on 04/05/2009




The best part about this "special" Ipod was- it had the "messiah's" speeches loaded on it as a bonus. What arrogance- he really is in love with himself!

Jan - posted on 04/04/2009




YOu know what I find funny that like ten seconds after it was gifted, Fox announced that they googled a shot of the Queen already buying her own in London! LMBO! They were quick to add that they did include a signed copy of a rare book. Does anyone know the carbon footprint something like an iPod leaves? I'd love to start ripping into his beloved technologies. I mean I have read that it takes three times the energy and causes huge waste to make electric cars. It would just be the greatest if someone would calc that out. Then I loved how he talked down nuclear energy when they French get like 90% of their power from it. Man needs a better fact checker. I think its time to fire the kindergardeners in the back room and hire a high schooler or two!

Lindsay - posted on 04/03/2009




This white hosue reminds me when grade school classes pretend to be elected officals to learn about how the govt works.  It's just a joke.  Sad thing is I would trust children to run the country before i trust obama or any of his goons

Kristina - posted on 04/02/2009




I was mortified when I heard this. Doesn't he have someone at the White House to brief him on this sort of thing. How insulting! Why didn't he just hand her a card with a dollar bill in it. I don't think I can make it through 4 years of this.

Karen - posted on 04/02/2009




I thought that Mr. B.O. was going to improve our relations with "the world" once he took office? So far, all he's done is tell our enemies he's their friend and carelessly wave off our actual friends.

[deleted account]

Oh my word!!  No joke!  Maybe he should have brought up his gift idea to the ettiquette teacher he consulted with before he left???  Does he think she will be dying to use it because it is a gift from Him???  Get over yourself Obama!


Shelly - posted on 04/02/2009




Well you don't think King Obama wants to spend any more of his money than he has to do ya???

[deleted account]

Quoting Gina:

I can't imagine the Queen of England using an ipod!

I don't think anyone believes she'll use it, Gina.  I don't even think Obama believed she'd actually use it.  I think he gave the Queen of England an iPod because he thought he'd look hip and young.  In reality, he looks like an ass.  A big, fat, stupid American ass.  That's our boy.

Karen - posted on 04/01/2009




What an idiot he is! I'm so glad that someone brought this up. It's been killing me all day long! What an ingnorant idiot he is! And a cheapskate. Did he buy those videos at the local Wal-mart?? I've never been to Europe, but at least I know that they use the PAL format over there. And I know that they don't like to spend many hours indoors watching t.v. (which is probably why they're in better shape and health than we are). Did you happen to see what Glenn Beck said about this? It's an awesome clip. I highly recommend looking it up on Fox News web site.


Michelle-no he doesn't even try, which is why the stupid teleprompter has to go everywhere with him!

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