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Feel better, look better, perform better!

My business is Proactive Wellness, I work with many athletes who find quicker recovery, enhanced performance and we're approved by the BSCG. It's all natural. Please let me...

Started by Karen on 05/14/2014 in Running Moms

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Any running blogs out there?

I'd love to read like-minded blogs. If interested, you can check mine out here: And if you have one (or even if you read one that you...

Started by Nanette on 09/16/2011 in Running Moms

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Running and The Marena

Hi ladies. I'm being fitted with the Marena on Thursday and want to know, can I still continue to run Thursday afternoon? Did the Marena interfere with your running?

Started by Marleen on 06/27/2011 in Running Moms

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Double Jogging Strollers..opinions?

As of now we have 3 tandem stroller, and 2 single strollers...i need to get rid of all of these and get a double jogging stroller, what is the best? Ive been...

Started by Kris on 06/03/2013 in Running Moms

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Running while pregnant- maternity belt?

HI Ladies! I am 20 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby girl. I would like to run (more like jog at least) through as much of the pregnancy as I can. I have been way more emotional...

Started by Brianna on 05/02/2013 in Running Moms

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Running skirts?

What do you think of running skirts? Do you have a favorite? I just discovered running skirts! I LOVE them. However, I'm having trouble finding one that would cause my...

Started by Celeste on 09/21/2011 in Running Moms

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Sports bras

Any suggestions on a good sports bra for breast feeding runners? I hate wearing three sports bras just to contain things.

Started by Cindy on 02/18/2013 in Running Moms

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Anyone run with a triple jogging stroller?

I am a mom to 10 month old twins and a 4 year old. I got my triple jogger a few weeks ago land love love love it! Before the babies were in the triple we had them in the double...

Started by Charity_knox on 10/16/2012 in Running Moms

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running 4 weeks postpartum?

Hi, so i used to run atleast 3 times a week before i got pregnant with my son. Then when i.was pregnant my boobs were too sore to run for the first few months and by the time...

Started by Hannah on 03/31/2012 in Running Moms

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Jogging Strollers

I need some advice on what to look for in a jogging stroller.. I am having a hard time finding one that fits in my budget and is of good quality. Right now I am training for a...

Started by Bryttnee on 03/31/2010 in Running Moms

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Hi, Looking for jogging stroller recommendations

Hi, I'm a new mom, my DD is almost 5 months old! I have been running since I was 14, though I had to take a break while pregnant (complications). I'm slowly trying to get...

Started by Amy on 02/14/2009 in Running Moms

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Can't Shake the Last 10 Pounds

Swimming, strollersize, yogalaties, cardio, and many crash diets! I have not Yet been able to shake the last ten pounds of baby fat! I have just gotta get into my skinny...

Started by Jody on 11/18/2008 in Running Moms

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bursitis and pilates

I have been diagnosed with hip bursitis (ouch!) and I can't run anymore until the pain stops. Anyone have experience with this? How long does it take? Also, my chiropractor said...

Started by Heather on 05/05/2012 in Running Moms

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Need help getting motivated...

I need some advice on how to motivate myself to start running again. I had always been involved in sports and have always been a runner, but I can't seem to get myself back out...

Started by Kirsten on 05/18/2009 in Running Moms

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Whats your favorite running shoes?

Started by Cathy on 03/15/2011 in Running Moms

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new to running.

I am 30 years old, and my daughter is 4 months old, she is my 3rd child, I was overweight when I got pregnant, 195, 5'5" I only gained 7lbs total. I am now down to 180, I just...

Started by Charlotte on 06/12/2011 in Running Moms

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Running club for moms!!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you know about this running club for moms! Whether you are an expert runner or a walker who WANTS to run - we can help encourage you and keep...

Started by Pam on 05/18/2011 in Running Moms

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Hello, new here!

Hi everyone, I'm new here! I just found this site when my blog was nominated for the top 25 Health and Fitness blogs, I can't believe I hadn't found it sooner! Anyway, I'm...

Started by RunFasterMommy on 05/12/2011 in Running Moms

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