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Karen - posted on 09/24/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I recently collected all of our family pictures from my mother. My plan is to create one master scrapbook, scan and create exact replicas for my siblings. There are 7 of us, so that's a lot of scrapping!

However, I do have a problem.... Some of the children have more pictures than others. I'm drawing blanks on how to compensate. Anyone have any ideas?

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Kristy - posted on 10/02/2009




A couple cousins and I have gotten together and started a heritage album...we interviewed the 5 Aunts and one Uncle to get their favorite memories and we did a two page spread for each of the aunts/uncle (one page was just their senior picture with fun designs and then the other side was 3 or 4 childhood pictures with memories written around the page. I only have one example...but I'll post it in the gallery.

We did a collage page of all their best wedding pictures and some of the different holidays with their memories. We had a ton of pictures, but only chose a make it special (otherwise you might as well keep all the pictures in an actual photo album)

We didn't make copies for everyone, we gave it to our Grandmother as a gift...but the pictures we scanned we made cds for everyone (like a slide show)

Jamie - posted on 09/24/2009




Ohhh.....this is my speciality! I'm an Independent Consultant for Heritage Makers. We specialize in preserving family stories. We do digital scrapbooking. In doing that, you can make the same book for everyone but tweek it to fit each child.
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Sara - posted on 09/24/2009




Since you're planning on making copies for everyone, you may want to do a digital book. You would scan the photos, and then create the book online or on your computer. Then print as many copies as you want. It would probably be less expensive. I did one the old-fashioned way, and then had color copies made and put into albums for a few relatives - between the color copies and the album, it was much more than I expected (and that was for 7x7 copies). But you can do a digital album for about $40, and it is all inclusive (no papers, stickers, adhesive etc to buy).

I've used the Creative Memories "Storybook" maker for a few digital books and I love it. I won't give up traditional scrapbooking for most things, but I'll be making a digital book for my mom's christmas gift every year, as well as my next trip album. The software is free, and then if you have the option to upgrade to a "Plus" version. But the basic program can create fabulous books.

And getting back to your question about number of photos, like others suggested I would just do a layout or two of each "kid", and then maybe do more layouts of family gatherings. If you are really low on photos of one or two kids, maybe check with them to see if they have copies that you don't.

And I agree on photo choice being important. Of course a ton of great photos is nice, but if you only have a few "great" ones, feel free to edit and not include them all.

One more piece of advice I was once given... Most of us will crop our pictures to focus on the person in them. But especially in a hertiage type album, keep in mind what may be in the background of the photo. If someone's standing in front of the house you grew up in, maybe keep the whole photo instead of croping it out. Just something to keep in mind. :-)

Happy Scrappin'


Terry - posted on 09/24/2009




I agree that dedicating one layout/person is a good way to start a history book. Especially if there are alot of you. The other thing I would caution you in do not have to use all the pictures. Sometimes a few good pictures (in focus, capturing a precious smile or frown, etc.) have more of an impact that a dozen pictures that tell no story.

hope that helps

Annora - posted on 09/24/2009




I think it would be nice if you could make a page dedicated each person and arrange it like a collage. This way, each person may feel special and not "left out" or "less important" than the others!

You could also ask for more pics from those family members or take current pics of them now? Unless it's a surprise or something.

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