Jennifer - posted on 04/07/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello I am the mother of two girls they are six and three. I have always been interested in scrapbooking and my husband has even picked me up some really cute things for all the ideas I have the problem is I really lack the confidence that I can do it and do it well. Another thing is I am afraid of not doing it right and that it wont look like I think it will in my head. This will be good for me so I can at least get encouragement from other people.

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Amy - posted on 04/11/2009




Jennifer, first off there is no wrong way of scrapbooking. My good friend says the same thing to me all the time.  Scrapbooking is something to do for your self and don't compare yourself to other people.  When I used to go to our local scrapbooking store for crops, I  would often look around at other peoples pages and say their pages are so much better than mine and I would get discouraged.  After awhile I turned that veiw around, now I look at other peoples pages and say, I can do that to and I will ask them how they did a certain technique. I have a hard time thinking of ideas so I turn to magazines and books.  I have 3 different books that I use all the time and I got them through Close to My Heart.  They are recipe books and they give you a layout and the demensions to cut the paper - the only thing you have to do is decide what paper and embellishments you want to use..Hang in there and your confidence will build...Happy Scrapping :)

Melanie - posted on 04/08/2009




for me there is no wrong way!!!    You just start buidling and changing things up and it happens (sometimes takes longer than it should though).    Start very simple, after you are comfortable, add more and more.  Baby steps is how I started, but watch out it is addicting.  :)

Gwen - posted on 04/08/2009




You need to just GO FOR IT!! There are alot of women who think they aren't creative etc when they actually are. Everyone who starts out is inexperienced--you are new to something-I don't think that any of us who were just starting had pages that looked like all the ones in the magazines. Here's another thing-everyones styles are totally differnet--what you think looks nice might not be to the next person but..but the most important thing to remember is...there YOUR memories-nobody elses. Some people scrapbook to focus on the stories of their lives or the journaling and don't actually use a ton of photos per page. Other gals use LOTS of photos and no writing. I go to a local scrap store to do crops on Firdays and to weekend get aways-there are so many different styles. Scrapping booking isn't totaly about ending up witht the 'perfect' page--soetimes it is just about getting out the story. There is a great magazine out there called Simply Scrapbooking--it shows very simple pages-not alot of embellishments etc--I love it--I do scrap with alot of the 'stuff' but I also like to go simple sometimes.  Once you get started you aren't going to want to quit :0) JUST GO FOR IT!!! Good luck to you-I know you can do it.

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