Early Childhood Intervention

Liz - posted on 04/20/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Today my Dr. referred my daughter to ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). It is a state run program that works with children from birth to 3 years old who are not meeting their developmental milestones. My daughter is 7 months old and really the only milestone she has not met is bearing weight on her legs. I'm glad they referred her and we can get the help she needs, but I am frightened and sad at the same time. I guess as moms we all want our babies to be healthy and reaching their milestones on time or advanced.

Anyone have a similar situation? Anyone know what the concern may be because this particular milestone has not been met?

Thank you for any input / support you can give!

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Rebecca - posted on 04/24/2009




I think they will just evaluate her at first and build a program from there. I understand how you feel but better safe then sorry! Maybe she will have fun and learn something new :)

Julie - posted on 04/24/2009




I'm surprised they referred her, I worked in EI in NJ for awhile, and here a child has to be 33% delayed in 1 area, or 25% in 2 areas to qualify. Try stabilizing her at the hips while another person supports her at the chest level in a standing position. Also, getting weight bearing through the hips by just sitting her up (supported or unsupported) is good as well. If the doctor checked her out and orthopedically her hips and legs are fine, then she will come along in her own time. Meanwhile try the suggestions I mentioned above. Also, try not to overuse an exersaucer/walker/or jumper as those can allow a baby to weight bear through the legs in abnormal positions. Since she is a little "delayed" with this, you don't want her to learn the wrong way.

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Hi I just googled this cause i was curious and you shouldnt really be worrying that much. Not all babies meet all the milestones at the "time" thats suggested!

I hope that this program helps but if it was me in your shoes I would be working with her at home. Exercising her legs by playing the cycling game or investing in a jumperoo or jolly jumper!

The only concern that i came across when i googled was that it may be a hip problem. DO her hips crack when you open them up!?? I hope everything goes ok and Don't worry or be sad, she is meeting every other milestone, shes just a little behind on this! ANd i wouldnt even look at it that way cause the milestones are more of a guideline and they say not to worry too much until they are a yr old and not meeting these milestones.! Im only a 23 yr old new mommy but I think she should be fine!! Best of luck to you!!

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