I am still breastfeedng my 18 month old

Heather - posted on 04/18/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am still breastfeeding my 18 month old daughter and I cant seem to be able to wean her off. Any advice


Madeleine - posted on 04/19/2010




my 19 month old still nurses when he wakes up in the morning. and only occasionally wants a quick slurp in the afternoon, like if we've had a really busy day or he's very cranky for one reason or another.

i was ready to be done nursing him at 12 months, and at that time he still wanted to nurse for three short sessions a day (morning, mid-afternoon, and night time.) he was not ready to be done, everything i tried to do to cut back, seemed to make him confused and mad, so it was obvious to me at that point, it was not the time to wean him.

when he wanted to nurse, he would bring me the boppy pillow, even if i put it up in a closet or in his crib out of reach, he would cry for it. but a few months ago he stopped doing this, so i took that as a good sign he was losing interest. and of all the things i've read, most people say, "listen to your child, they'll cue you when they are ready to be done." if this wasn't a cue, i don't know what is.

so i listened, and i started out by cutting out his night time nursing session. surprisingly, it seemed to me to be the one he was least into. between dinner time and playtime with his dad, and a bath, and storytime, he seemed to forget about it.

then, after a couple weeks, if he didn't request an afternoon nursing, i didn't offer, and now we almost never do. but, he's not ready to give up the wake-up feeding, even though he gets some milk and cereal almost immediately after. i can tell it's more for comfort at this point, and soon he'll tire of it altogether. my milk supply is almost nothing these days, so it can't be much longer now.

i recommend tapering off your feedings like this. pick the one that seems the shortest, or the least important to your daughter and try to stick with not nursing at that time of day anymore. make sure you are consistent. don't give in to crying or whining. try distraction instead (books, a game, a small snack, maybe some yogurt, go for a walk or to a playground) so she doesn't think about it. pretty soon she won't ask to nurse at that time anymore, and once you've both gotten comfortable with that, try cutting out another one.

hope this helps. : )

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