What do you put your baby to sleep in at night?

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Chelsea - posted on 05/13/2009




I just have my son in his PJ's and he has a toy tigger that he sleeps with. And he has a pacifier.

Anna - posted on 05/13/2009




My son is a little furnace. He sleeps in a cotton footed pj's most nights and has a light blanket. I was worried about the blanket but he hated the sleep sack idea. Now that he can roll over on his own and either pulls up or pushes downthe blanket I feel a lot safer.

Shari - posted on 05/12/2009




We tried the sleep sacks, but just after Christmas my bubs started HATING them... would see me coming with one and start screaming... he's not a cryer, so it weirded me out. At that point since it was still winter, I put him in thick pj's with the feet in, plus gave him a blanket. He sleeps in a pack n play next to my side of the bed, so for the months he wasn't rolling over I checked on him often as he likes to pull the blanket up over his face. Now that it's warmer out I'm putting him in tops and bottoms (pj's) but still giving him a blanket. I do everything else to prevent SIDS, he sucks a pacifier and we have a fan on, no other toys or anything in the crib. He just loves his blanket, and I figure as long as I check on him lots...

Tara Lee - posted on 05/12/2009




my house is on the warm side, and Paityn sweats alot, so I usually just put her in a light footie/footless jammie or sometimes just a one piece undershirt. No blanket, she just kicks them off any way. If I do, just a receiving blanket.

Sabrina - posted on 05/12/2009




This is something I always worry about. We have radiators so we can't control the temperature in our son's room. We normally put him in footie pjs and a sleep sack. He never wakes up sweaty or anything. When it gets warmer, we may drop the sleep sack.

Sybil - posted on 05/12/2009




Well i make sure he has the footie sleepwear on...i tried the sleep sack but he hated it..so i usually just put a blanket to cover him...he does pretty well..i still am constantly worrying that he will get entangled in it...i sometimes don't cover him with anything either just to be safe

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