Why does everyone have a different name for it?

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This is silly but it's been driving me nuts........it's a pacifier or a soother..........what's a binky? dummy? I'm from Canada and I'm just curious to know where these other names originated from? Any ideas?

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Cindi - posted on 03/01/2010




Everyone calls it something different. I call it a nook. I dont know where all the names came from.

C - posted on 02/24/2010




binki- based on a brand name, like calling all diapers pampers
paci (passee)- short for pacifier
nuki (nookee)- another brand name
dummy- like Sinead said, a fake/dummy nipple
soother- since it soothes
plug- cause it plugs em up :o)

[deleted account]

It's a dummy in Britain. I think that comes from it being a substitute nipple, or dummy - same as a dummy run meaning a pretend attempt or practice, or a shopkeepers dummy meaning a pretend model.

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