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My pork eating husband

My husband (29) and I (21) have a son now 7 months. I would like to raise our son Adventist but my husband refuses to stop eating unclean meat. Also my husband does not eat...


I just want to understand..

i was a member of the Baptist church and now am an adventist since i got married to my adventist husband. there's still alot of church traditions that i don't quit understand...


Vegetarian Recipe swap

Hey I thought it would be a great idea at this time of year to share some of our fav vegie recipes, I am new to being vegearian and also as i have 4 children i am always looking...


willing to work as nanny

Good day to all! I'm a grade school teacher from the Philippines. i'm willing to work in US or Canada as nanny to a kid of a fellow adventist mommy. thanks God bless you all....


New 2 circle

Hi Mommies:-) I'm a South African SDA Mom. I'm new to the forum and just looking for other Adventist Moms to share with.


Anybody home??

Hi Mommies, I've been visiting this community a lot since I joined a few weeks ago but I don't see any activity. Is anyone else still visiting? There's a few things I'd like us...


My husband and Church

My husband was a adventist and something happen, and he wont tell me what. We werent together when he stopped attending, and now he has church mom in a missionary church, the...



Hello Ladies! My name is Jen and I am a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) of twin boys born in 2004. My previous life was a teacher in SDA schools as a multi-grade educator. My boys...


Need advice!

Delete Are you sure? Yes | No By You Ok I have a huge question oh boy here it is. Ok I have a 12 year old that has been baptized and loved God now her dad isn't religious...