sex and relationships

a group to discuss sex and relationship issues with other women


Bi-Sexual Mom's Community Invite

I would like to invite any bi-sexual mom's to join our community. I just became the administrator of this community and we are trying to get new and exciting members to open up...


Do you think an Open Marriage can work?

I was just wondering if you any of you thought an open marriage could really work... I love my husband but it has been four years since we have had sex.. I want to but he says...


I love young boys

Without getting into too much details ...i love young boys around the age of 12.Are Anymore mothers or women who share this ? I am a 37 year old mom . If you don't want to...


Once a cheater always a cheater????

I am a mother of 12 children. 3 of which are with my current fiance (including 1 month old twin). I recently discovered that he has cheated on me. I don't know if it was a one...


Constantly horny

Hello ladies! I am new to this group, I just found it and was like I NEED to get in. lol. Any way for the past 5 days I'm constantly horny. Since having my son almost 8 months...


Anal Sex

yeah yeah throwing it out there. Ok his one request I CANNOT get into. No pun intended. I'm sorry but its the poop chute! ( omg these euphemisms won't go away!) I just get...


Any Bi-curious, single moms out there?

In looking through the posts I've seen a lot of moms that already identify themselves as bi, but I'm wondering if there are any moms out there that are curious, but haven't yet...


Shelf Bras !!

Have you worn them ? How many do you own ? Do you wear them often ? Do you feel 'naughty' wearing them ? Where have you worn them ? What was the 'naughtiest' setting or venue...


Anybody Kinky?

Anyone like to get kinky sometimes with their SO? Dressing up, acting out rape, chains,etc.?


would you ever star in a video?

would you ever make your own porn? would your hubby be in it as well (or someone else) or would it be a solo show? under what conditions would you agree to it? I would...


Whats your magic number?

How many girls? I started having sex at 15 and worked my way up to 16 sexual partners by age 20 which is when i met my fiance and settled down. I think this is a BIG number, too...


Craziest place you've ever had sex????

What is the craziest/oddest place you've ever had sex? Did the excitement of possibly getting caught add to the fun of sex?? For my husband and me, we aren't very exciting...


Open Marriages... do they work?

New series to spotlight couples who have an open relationship where it is okay to be with other people physically, but emotions cannot come into play. Preference given to those...