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a group to discuss sex and relationship issues with other women


Have you ever masturbated anally?

I've been into this since i was a young girl. Usually i use it as added stimulation by rubbing just the outside or fingering my hole, like i would when i finger my pussy. I have...


Do you think an Open Marriage can work?

I was just wondering if you any of you thought an open marriage could really work... I love my husband but it has been four years since we have had sex.. I want to but he says...


Craziest place you've ever had sex????

What is the craziest/oddest place you've ever had sex? Did the excitement of possibly getting caught add to the fun of sex?? For my husband and me, we aren't very exciting...


Sex after birth help

When I have birth to my daughter I ripped pretty bad so my husband and I waited 8 weeks to have sex. I went to my 6 week check and the doctor said I was all healed but after we...


please help me bring sex back

My daughter is 6 months old and I am having a hard time being intimate with my husband. I felt sexy and cute-ish while I was pregnant, but once I gave birth I felt unsexy and...


Constantly horny

Hello ladies! I am new to this group, I just found it and was like I NEED to get in. lol. Any way for the past 5 days I'm constantly horny. Since having my son almost 8 months...


Sex and milky breasts *G*

This is for breast feeding mothers. How does you partner feel about touching or kissing your breasts when you’ve got milk? My husband is fully freaked out by the milk thing...


Would you???

Ok so I was out with my friend on the weekend doing some shopping and what not and she caught me completely off guard when she asked me " Would you ever consider having a...



One of my friends has just moved in with her boyfriend, and tells me that she did not know that he masterbated as much as he does, (apparently he's selfsatisfying at least 3...



I was told the best time in is in the morning cause your most tistostorne is the highest and everything is at it's peak !


Does your husband masterbate?

I walked in on my husband trying to masterbate I said what are you doing cause he had his phone in his hand and I looked at it and he was searching for porn on his phone so I...