Single Mom's in the Military

This is a room for all Single parents in the military, any Branch, whether it be Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, or Coast Guard.


how do u handle the other parent?

my childrens father has been in prison for the past 5yrs & he jus got home & of course things have changed, the kids are older, situations have changed & im in the reserves...


Important form for CON LV

Im a 'soon to be' single mommy in the navy as active duty and I'm gonna have my son soon. Can anyone help me make a list of important forms to fill out and turn in while im on...



I am a single mother of a 4 year old girl. I'm currently deployed again with the USAF. This deployment hit hard because this time it really hit my little girl hard. She has been...


Need some help with house.

I'm getting ready to move from off-post to on-post, and i have no clue how to start. With me working from 0500-1800 and getting home by 1900. How do I get everything ready?



I am a single mother in the Army. I have a 18 month old boy and will be having a newborn in October of this year. I hope you will enjoy this group. It is just getting...