11 year old dies what she wants

Sherry - posted 4 days ago ( 2 moms have responded )




My youngest daughter does whatever she wants and is rude to me. I ground her and make her come home after school take away all devices. I tell her she cannot talk to me the way she does. Lately she has not been doing her school work and not bringing home a planner that we have decided for her to do to keep her on track. She lies to me and her teachers and gives everyone different stories. I am just at a lost cause and just don’t know what to do anymore to get her to listen, give respect, and no more lies.


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Some times you just have to have the conversation with them asking them why they think it is ok to be mean and hateful, not just to their mom but to anyone. You have to wonder if she is treating you this way then how is she treating others and being treated by others. I also think that the friends they get involved with has a big influence on how they act.
I was watching my granddaughter write in a ledger the other day and ask her what she was writing. She told me it was her “Grateful Journal” and that her mom told her she had to write 10 items a day that she was grateful for before she could turn on her tv when she got home. I did notice she had a better attitude lately and seemed to have more joy in her life. She had not been looking inside herself or thinking very deeply about her blessed life until she had to start writing it down.


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Bella - posted 2 days ago




This is sad at such a young age. Have you looked at the influences around your daughter, like her friends at school and at home, social media, neighbors etc. Children are also easily influenced by what they see, hear and watch on TV. You sound like a caring Mom who is doing all you can to bring up your daughter properly but your daughter is wanting to take a different path. Will you consider a professional counselor or therapist who might be able to advice you on what you can do differently and who also may able to help your daughter better process her actions and behavior. Could it be an emotional problem that your daughter is dealing with that is is being played out in her negative behavior? Just some things for you to consider. I hope things change for the better for you and your daughter. All the best.

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