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Camrynhred12 - posted on 01/06/2017 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am a 17 year old single mom of a 7 month old baby boy. his father isn't sure he is his son but has been giving us child support money anyways, I didn't record the amount each time he gave me money for our son. I feel like it was something I should've recorded on paper before anything. we didn't go to court yet or get a paternity test. I'm ℅100 positive that he is his, idk what to do.


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Yvette - posted on 03/04/2017




First thing first is a paternity test. Then from there you should contact family law and set up an appointment.

Ev - posted on 02/27/2017




I have to agree with the others on this. Make sure you document anything and everything. Make sure to get a DNA test done to be sure this guy is the father because if he is not the father, he should not be making payments to you yet. And the court will look at the payments as him trying to support his child but I am not sure they would count as actual child support payments in the eyes of the court. You would need to check that with a lawyer.

Sarah - posted on 02/27/2017




I am stunned that a guy would send money to a kid if he was not sure he was the father. To make sure you continue to get support, get a DNA test and a court order for support.

Ashley - posted on 02/22/2017




Well in good faith start recording everything he gives you..during your court date they will ask you have you recieved any payments from him and if so how much.

Thesurvivalmom - posted on 01/31/2017




Congratulations on your baby boy! They are such a blessing. Your question about child support doesn't indicate if you have other means of support, such as your parents, but in any case, it's a good thing that this young man is willing to step up and help financially. A paternity test may be the best thing to do right now, since the results could greatly affect your future and that of your son. I'm not a lawyer but I do know there are a lot of legal implications when it comes to this issue. In the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to keep track of financial payments, and would be a fair thing to document this young man's willingness to be a part of your son's life. I hope you'll update us!

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