How do you handle your child when you're sick?

Nancy - posted on 11/04/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I only have one child and she's 4. I haven't been to a doctors office for myself since she was born because there's no one to watch her while I have x-rays and tests done, so I just don't go. Today I was extremely sick with the flu, went to the doctors office and she wouldn't behave so that I could fill out the paperwork, then when I FINALLY got it turned in she was fine until they called me for weight/blood pressure/temperature/and to draw blood she went hysterical. I was scolding her (making her stand with her nose to the wall) and some woman walked by saying that people like "her" (meaning me) didn't deserve to have children. That comment made me so mad that she better be glad I didn't see her anymore. Come to find out, my daughter missed her nap at daycare today and that's why she was acting so bad. Have any of you dealt with this and how did you handle it?

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Stephanie - posted on 11/06/2009




First and foremost don't pay any attention to that lady's rude and hurtful comment, she had no clue! Punishing your child for bad behavior is always right. I had two of then two years apart and it was rough. It sounds like to me like she was tired and wanted you undivided attention. Obviously you need a support system, like freinds or relatives to take her for an hour while you take care of yourself. You ned to take care of yourself if you don't you are no good to your daughter. If you have no family or friends that are there for you, find a babysitter for your daughter just for when you go to the Dr. Your daughter is 4 you could explain the importance of you being well and she needs to be good while you are at the Dr. I know these suggestions are generic and easier said than done but when your a single mother your options are limited. I don't know your situation with friends and/or family thats why I suggest asking family to help out. If worse came to worse scedule your appt. while your daughter is in preschool. I know that is obviously when your at work, you can go back to work after your appt. I guess that would depend on how nice your boss is. I hope something I suggested helps you. Good Luck and hang in there, this to shall pass.

Tracey - posted on 11/05/2009




people who make comments like the lady at your doctors need to have a long hard look at themselves,honestly they deserve a mouthful and to mind their own business.I had to start arranging babysitters so that i could go to the dentist,doctor etc is that an option for you?My son is now 5 and has stopped all that,so just hang in there.they are not called the terrible 4s for nothing.good luck.

D'Etta - posted on 11/05/2009




She may sense that you're feeling bad and not know why. She may think it because of her and get upset, or she may just know that this is a good opportunity to press your buttons... Either way just remember that she's your child and you love her. When I'm sick or really tired, I just tell my kids... hey, mommy's not feeling good. I'm going to go take a nap and I need you guys to play really quietly, ok? Give her options of what she can do, play in her room, watch cartoons, or nintendo, whatever... and she should understand. If she gets loud or obnoxious, remind her that you're sick and could she please help by being quiet. When you're at the doctors, you just have to tell her we have to see the doctor because mommy's sick. Can you be really good, so the doctor can give mommy some medicine to make her feel better? It's hard to be calm when you feel like crap, but I think the more calm you are, the better she'll respond. Try explaining every step if she gets nervous... I have to step up here so the doctor can see how big and fat mommy is! lol Doctor has to mommy's temperature to see how hot I am. Remember to reassure her when the doctor takes your blood! Ouch, that hurt, but only a little bit. See how it comes out red? Did you know it's actually blue when it's inside your body! lol Idk, stuff like that distracts them and keeps them calm for at least a little while. Ignore ignorant people. They're dumb, don't know you, and shouldn't be casting judgement.

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