Is The father of my child doing enough?

Alysha - posted on 03/08/2017 ( 3 moms have responded )




So basically my child's father gets her every Wednesday and Thursday. And he pays for daycare. But Starting in august he won't be paying daycare anymore because she'll be starting school. The last time he bought her something willingly was Christmas. I do everything else. Her hair, baths, pay her health insurance, her homework, doctors appointments, he literally just watches her and the days he gets her she goes to daycare the whole day.


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Alice - posted on 04/27/2017




Are you certain thats all he does? If he has custody of her at any point while she's not in day care im sure he is taking care of her..bathing, feeding, clothes etc. Just because he no longer pays for day care doesnt mean he isnt doing other things. It sounds like your upset that he isnt going to be outright paying for school. Have you asked him to do more? Or even talked to him about what you want him to do more of?

Sarah - posted on 03/08/2017




What does your visitation and support order say he is supposed to contribute? If you don't have one, perhaps it is time to get one.

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