kids, divorce and a new it too much

Suinda - posted on 05/26/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




when is the right moment to introduce my kids to the man of my dreams.... their dad, my husband, moved out in December, seperation still pretty fresh to them..


Heather - posted on 05/26/2009




This is still very new to your children let them have their mommy to themselves for now.I found that they opened up more with me because we had our alone time when they were with me with someone else around they may close up and not want to share how they are feeling, as time went on they were able to really open up about their dad and I divorce as time passed and they saw I was just a happier person with out him they wanted to see me happy for a change and knowing that I was seeing someone they were the ones that wanted to meet them. Every situation is different and every divorce is different so it is tough to say for sure but most definatly you are going to need to wait longer, divorce sticks with kids. Its been 3 yrs since my ex and I split and they still have some issues with it from time to time.

Victoria - posted on 05/26/2009




I'd say take your time as much as possible. I speak from experience, after we split up I introduced my "friend" to my daughter & she immediately got attached when he left a year later we were both crushed. Fortunately I'm seeing some one new & we've been together for a while, she met him as my friend and as we slowly grew into more we let her know. It's still scary because you never know what will happen but this time we're a bit more cautious

Tammy - posted on 05/26/2009




It is still a new and fresh relationship. You have to be certain this is a long lasting relationship before you bring him into your childrens lives.They could meet him as a date before you go out but not as part of their lives till your ready to go to the next level. They have already had a big upset to introduce them to someone and then that person leave as well could just lead to unnecessary heartache for them.

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Anita - posted on 05/26/2009




As soon as u r sure of the guy! Talk to them first, give a back ground view..hv a comfortable setting for them to meet ur dream man!!

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I wouldn't be introducing them to anyone, its been 6 months which to a kid is nothing. They are probably still mourning the loss of a parent and the change in their lives. To them a dad is not a replaceable person and that is how they are going to see it.

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