my daughter is 13 months old and i have just been diagnosed with post natal depression, any advice?


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I found a combination of things helped me out: regular excersize, eating super health, prozac, talk therapy, talking with family and friends, natural supplements and spending a little time every day doing something for myself, (I like to take long hot showers, its my thing), and leaving my abusive husband. I am now off of the prozac, although I still have regular talk therapy. I also know scenarios which set off my depression issues and try to limit my exposure to them, (I can't watch movies where someone is pregnant/gives birth - such as Juno). Being able to ientify these triggers is very helpful. Being completly honest with your therapist is very helpful. Being completly honest with yourself, and your partner is very helpful. Good luck honey - things will get better!

Princess - posted on 10/06/2009




Well thats something that i have dealt with real bad and you got to pray and ask God to direct your path and help you and another thing you have to have a great support system:like family,friends,etc.They can help you and talk to people and if you need to you can talk to me.Also its very important to get out the house and take a walk,or go to the movies, do a hobby you love to do.You also did great by coming on here and asking for advice thats a big step.But i really wish you the best and also do you have a diary, thats another good way to let somethings out?

Renee - posted on 10/04/2009




I was too, this is really common!! There are some really good anti depression drugs out there and some things that you can do without needed to see a doctor for medicine. Getting enough vitamin b-K is really important, this is something that you get from the sun, something really easy to do! Also St.Johns Wart is a good herb to take.

Jessica - posted on 10/04/2009




Make sure you have support. I was diagnosed with PPD and it was awfull. I had no one around really to help out and I was working full time by the time my son was 10 months old. Call your local health centers too (I'm not sure where you are), they were able to help with by sending over free mother's helpers and meetings with someone to talk to, etc... Tell your friends and family what is going on and don't be embarrassed about it.

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