Single mothers who are dating

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Single mom dating

Hello everyone one. I am currently dating the guy of my dreams. I do have a daughter she's 3. And she loves him. I was married for about 3 years with her father but he cheated...


Single mom, age 26, with 4 children

As my headline reads....I have a good career, on my last year to obtain a college degree and I have been single for (3) years. Do you think anyone would want to actually have a...


helping with my son..

Hello everyone, I have a live in boyfriend it's been about 4-5 month that we've lived together. He is an amazing man and provider. He has 2 great daughters, my son is six and...


Heart broken

I am so heart broken and beyond belief. Me and J dated for 9 months. We spent so much time together, talked about getting married and every single day for 9 months we texted...


Dating after your childs father

We were officially over in 2012, I am still hearbroken, I feel we shared a very deep connection. I started dating by my family's recommendations to find someone that treats me...


Taking on someone else's child!!

I have just recently come out of a 18 month relationship with a guy that me and my son loved dearly. I met him through work and he new I had a child right from the very start....