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As some of you know, or may not know, I am a single parent of two beautiful children. My story started in 1999, the year I graduated highschool. My daughter Sasha was the first to be born. Five years later, I had my son Austen, and became a single parent again for the second time. As some of you may have experienced becoming a mother at a young age, was not the most delightful experience, especially becoming a single parent.

We all know as single parents, this is the most challenging, yet can be, rewarding job we will do for the next twenty years. We also know, that to balance some major areas in our lives, we need a great community, great friends, and a supportive family around us to succeed. Some of us may or may not have this in our lives.

I have many stories to share with you as we become acqainted, as you also may have some to share yourselves.

My goal here is to create a space for all of us to come together, discuss obstacles, breakthroughs, strengths and weaknesses, so that we may learn new ways to overcome these challenges we face and become strong to do this on our own and create resources within the community to help eachother.

Topics include anything ranging from finances, to daycare, to time management. What are your strengths? What do you think you could share with your community to make a difference in others lives? What are your weaknesses? What could others provide for you that would make a difference?

Here is one of mine: Financially, most of the time I feel I am hanging on a thread. What kinds of ideas do all of you have to create more income? Or balance the finances already there??

Thank you for your shared support on this page! I look forward to hearing all about your stories and shared ideas.


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I couldn't agree with you more financially I to am just getting by It's so hard to balance work,my daughter,school not to mention trying to have any money left over for fun stuff shopping,movie, whatever.

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