10 month old daughter not sleeping through the night

Lisa - posted on 01/05/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi I am looking for some suggestions for my baby girl. She is 10 months and is still not sleeping through the night, she usually gets to sleep ok but wakes up around 2 am then again at 5am screaming for about an hour to an hour and half on bad nights at a time. My son who is now three was easy we let him scream it out at six months and by night four was sleeping through the night and never looked back. My daughter is the opposite, we have struggled to get her to this point as she was very ok with waking up every two hour up until 7 months. I go back to work in 3 weeks and desperately looking to have her sleeping better. We have been very consistent with letting her cry herself to sleep, but doesn't feel like we are winning this battle. At the beginning we did try and give her back her soother (which she is not a big fan of) but found that any progress she made was diminished by going to her at night. Any thought/ideas would be appreciated.

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hi, i have found most babies dont have a good sleep routine bcoz of ther day routine, i have 2 children n they have both been great throughout the day and night for me. basically dont pussy foot around them as they can sense it, when they are babies they sleep most of the days but u need to try n inter-up ther sleep give them regular feeds n dont be holding them constantly give them space as they will get used to it. when they get older get them to have 1 sleep on the morning 1 in the after noon time suggestions 10ish then 3ish. then later towards the evening go for walks down the beach get the air to them. bath them about 7ish feed them just before they go 2bed about 8. put them in ther bed n leave them dont comfort them in bed as thats what they get used to u putting them to sleep let them fall on ther own. if they wake up n cry leave them u need to start doing this wen they little otherwise ur in trouble if u leave it to late. if u feed them during teh night theyw ill think thats normal and keep gettying up. give them a blanket to comfort them that always works n dummys. also strat the bedtime when ther young no later than 9 in anight when the reah to the age of 1 and above bedtime is alwasy best at 7 or 8. hope that helps if u need any more help im here i help alot of my friends with sleep issues. this is just brief bit more info of me please ask id love to help :)

Jolene - posted on 01/06/2011




I would suggest that you not go in at night. The first night go in and pat her back and tell her you are there, so she knows, do not turn on lights, or pick her up. Tell her it is night time, sleepy time, bed time, what ever you call sleeping. Then leave. She will soon learn that you are there, it is sleeping time, and sleep through the night. But it does take 2 weeks of doing this to let her know she will not be taken into the room with you. Or picked up.
I have told this to many of my day care parents through out the 24 years of business. Some have taken the suggestion right away others have done it later after months of being exhausted. Those that have waited, have told me they wished they had tried it earlier, because it did work. They just felt if sounded harsh at first and wanted to try other methods. That is the beauty of being the mother. You get to choose what works best for you. Good luck.

Michelle - posted on 01/06/2011




Hi i feel your pain, my son is thirtheen months old and doesn't sleep through i have done everything but nothing is helping. However we must understand in this heat our children are very hot and more thirsty than normal so waking up more ofter is understandable. Good luck x

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