Stay at home moms of Tallahassee, FL

Welcome stay at moms of Tallahassee! I created this group in hopes that we could get to know each other and eventually get together for playgroups!!


New to Tallahassee

Hi everyone! I am new to Tallahassee, and am looking for some interesting moms and kids to spend time with! I have a 2.5 year old boy and an 8 month old. We love spending time...


New to Tallahassee

I'm new to Tallahassee and would like to know if there are any programs for moms with young children or some way I could find some friends! My son Michael is 2.


play groups

Hey everybody:) I started this group in hopes of forming fun play groups. We, as stay at home moms, need interaction with "the outside world" and so do our children! Hopefully...


Best baby gear?

Hi moms! I interviewed some local moms and grandmothers about their favorite -- and least favorite -- baby gear for Their recommendations are noted here:...



Hi Ladies. I joined this group in hopes of finding some other stay at home Mommies in the area. I have 3 children. 6 3 and 3 months old. I look forward to meeting some friends...