after one year for the baby should be what the good food for him?


Tamara - posted on 07/03/2011




I gave them fruit, steamed veggies, cherrios, pasta anything that is mushy but hard enough for them to pick up if that makes sense.

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My girls ate anything i was eatting minus the meat. (unless it was like chopped hamburger in something like lasanga (SP)) Say we had pasta, then i would put it on their high chair tray and they would feed themselves. I would also cut up any veggies we were having. My girls both started baby food early and were tired of it by the time they were one.

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After a yr old a baby can have the Gerber 1st stages jar food.I would take fresh veggies and fruits and put in the blender.Make sure it is well blended with out chunks and has some liquid to it..

Purees for a 1 year old??

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