Any tips on traveling via plane with a 3, 2 and 1 yr olds?

Sofia - posted on 10/08/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am a mother to 3 children, ages 3,2 and 1 (wil be 18 months at the time of travel-f lap child) flying to visit my parents in Miami, FL during the holiday season. My husband is also flying with us and we have never flown together-let alone fly WITH children! I have never flown with a child, so I am new to this. I have also not flown since 2007, so i am not familiar with new procedures.

We are planning to bring a "travel pack" per child (small carry-on back pack filled with paper, crayons, playdough, a snack, etc). We ARE planning on bringing our car seats for all 3. We are flying American Airlines, and I was told I could bring a car seat for our lap child in case there is a seat availible on the plane. If not they will check it lastt minute-at no charge (or so they say). in that case I plan to have with me a flight vest to keep him attatched to me. (FAA approoved).

For my husband's carry-on, we are bringing a bag with food and diapers/wipes for the trip as well as crosswords or something to keep us and baby entertained.For my carry-on, i am bringing the umberella stroller. My double is too big and heavy and too expensive to trust the baggage claim with it. we are packing one medium luggage for clothing for my husband and I, one medium luggage for the children's clothes, and one medium luggage for diapers/wipes, baby-proofing and toys to keep them occupied in my parents highly modern apartment. Oh, and my grandmother (former diplomat's wife with PLENTY traveling with children experience) advised me to no bring the fourth luggage there, and to lay a thin duffle bag flat at the bottom of one of the suitcases so that we can bring it back with us filled with the christmas gifts we will recieve as the fourth luggage. sound confusing?

If I have forgotten something, please let me know! i can use all the advice I can get!


PS: still breastfeeding 18 month I plan to do that during take-off and landing and throughout. coved up so no one compains (not that they should)


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