bathing with baby boys

Kimberly - posted on 04/19/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




now i dont know if this is where i should start this conversation but my son is seven months he just started grabbing at his daiper and being able to pull it off. my friend has an eleven month old and he is starting to play with himself more during bath time and trying different things i am worried when my son might be doing things like that. what do i do. i dont want to over react causing emotional problems but i would think there is a point when they should stop. any suggestions.


Theresa - posted on 04/19/2011




That's a little boy. I remember asking my sons doc about it when he got potty trained. I thought maybe he had an infection or something because he was constantly pulling at the crotch of his pants. His doc said "That's a boy, from 2 to 92." At that young age they don't know what they're doing. It's like playing with their toes. When they get a little older you can simply tell them "We don't touch our penis in the living room (kitchen, store, wherever). We only touch our privates when we're in the bathroom going potty or washing, or in our bedrooms when we get dressed." Don't make a big deal out of it. At this age just ignor it.

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Little boys do this. According to my Mom...all seven of my brothers did this. My stepson did it years ago, my son does it now. My suggestion is to let him go...when it's acceptable. If he wants to tug and play in the tub...that's okay. If he is trying to do it in the grocery move his hand and mumble to him, "We don't do that here. You can do that in the bathtub." There is a time and place for everything...teach him when is the appropriate time to touch himself. I've asked COM these same questions.
Apparently it is completely normal behavior..and it might just feel good.
As far as taking the diaper off...I have seen ducttape over the tabs help...put the diaper on backwards can help...they cant reach the tabs. Or, you can switch to a very small pullup diaper. Those are MUCH harder for the little one to take off. This is what I ended up doing. Is he trying to take the diaper off when it's wet you MIGHT want to go ahead and get a training potty and let him start to explore, from what I understand tugging at the dirty diaper is a sign that they are uncomfortable...and could be ready to potty train. Eleven months IS early to potty train...but my son was doing the exact same thing your child is doing now. I got him a little potty for his first birthday, He is potty trained now, shortly before his second birthday. (april 27)

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Brandi - posted on 04/20/2011




all boys do it, i have three boys myself, my 7 month old hasn't found his yet, but i know its coming. don't worry, he might mess with it for a little bit, but they get over it, and will move on to more interesting things. great pic by the way! i am a boob feeder my self, trying to ween though, he has gotten 1 tooth in, almost 2, plus he likes to mess around now that he's bigger, night time feeding is the hardest to get rid of, my boobs are killing me right now, he is eating more bottles and food gota go Drake's crying

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Of course they are going to want to play with it during bath time. Babies explore their bodies all the time. They discover their hands, then their feet, but there's that one place that is always covered and they can't get to. They don't know what it is, or what it is for. It's just a new toy that appears in the tub. Now's an excellent time teach him the proper name, just the same way you did when he found his hands and feet.

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I like Theresa's response. I am the mom of a five year old boy and he did it when he was that young. It is just like playing with toes. Remember though, there is blood flow there so he will get an erection and at some point every time that happens, he may want to figure out what's going on. No worries. Sounds like he's a perfectly normal healthy, wondrous little boy.

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thank you so much for your help i just know my sister in law kids do it when ever where ever and there almost 4 years old in the summer the nine month old goes outside without a diaper on cause he is constantly pulling it off lol

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boys will be boys lol!!!! :) as the saying goes once they find it they dont leave it alone well its so true!!!!!!!!!! my boy is ten months he does the same thing :) when i change his nappy first thing he goes for is his willy and balls has a squeeze and i mean a hard squeeze and a scratch well his attempt at a scratch anyway!!!!! i was a little concerned so i assked my other half to watch and tell me if he is hurting them and he says its normal although he goes at them a little rough buts its all normal, as long as there is no infection and its not red its no concern i wouldnt worry about trying to get him to stop as he is so young but when he is older sure teach him not to play in public at least!!!! they will never stop playing or touching themselves ;)

Mandi - posted on 04/19/2011




It's completely normal for boys (and girls) to explore their bodies, even as young as this...whatever your approach avoid making him feel ashamed. Personally I wouldn't say anything or draw attention to this unless he's in a public place.
As far as the diaper deal I would suggest keeping a onesie on him. This also keeps the diaper from sagging! :)

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