Behavior for young 5yr old in Kindergarden

Carey Linginfelter - posted on 11/16/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




As my son's kindergarden teacher puts it my son is a very young 5 in her class. (he turned 5 aug 3) He is having behavior issues at school ie: playing at inappropriate times, rough housing on playground, following teachers 1st request. His teacher is really buckling down on his behavior this grading period and she warned me about this at the beginning of the grading period. However we are several weeks into the grading period and he is still lucky to get white cards more than 2x a week (white card means no problems and each time there is a problem he changes color cards). He typically has to change at least 1 card a day and on bad day he gets 2x red card (really bad). Any suggestions to help with behavior we are having some issues at home as well. I am tired of threatening and spanking nonstop!!! Please send suggestions.

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Jennifer - posted on 11/17/2010




My daughter is in kindergarten this year, and has a lot of problems with talking when she isn't suppossed to. Since she started kindergarten, I have given her a little responsibility and privelages that only big kids can do. For instance, she can now go play outside without me having to be with her. When she comes home in a different color other than green (that means she was good. Then it goes yellow-bad, red-worse, blue-principals office) then she doesn't get to do those things. She really likes being told that she is a big kid, and gets to do big kid things. So when those things are taken away from her, she gets really upset. This really seems to work for her. At the beginning of the year she came home in red and even blue once. Now she only gets yellow maybe once every two weeks.

Christy - posted on 11/17/2010




My 3 yr old is doing the same thing. One thing (didn't work for me) I didn't see suggested here is taking away toys he REALLY likes and leaving them in plain sight when he acts up, only giving them back when he does something good and explaining why you took it and why he got it back. Seems to work for some ppl, I don't know what else to tell you.

Lisa - posted on 11/17/2010




I would try different discipline than threathening and spanking. Maybe he's looking for attention both at home and school and the only ways he's getting it is from negative attention from his negative behavior. Instead of focusing on what went wrong at school, try focusing on the good things he did. Talk to his teacher about this too that you want to focus on the good things he does. Maybe instead of getting "naughty" cards for negative behavior, he's awarded cards for his good behavior and after so many he gets a special treat?

But I do also agree with Julianne that maybe he's just not ready for school and could restart fresh next year when he's a little bit more ready.

Julianne - posted on 11/17/2010




we had the same problem first quarter with our daughter. it may just be he is not ready for school. we ended up pulling her out and will wait another year to start. she is much calmer and happier now too. i think she was just so over-whelmed, and frustrated, and confused about what she was supposed to be doing. each child is different and some kids aren't ready for kindergarten even if the age requirements are met. They need more time to mature and get themselves ready for this huge adjustment.

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