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I've been a SAHM for most of our 34+ years of marriage. We started our family early and were foster parents even before we had our own. So usually there were kids around and some tight schedules of who had to be where when. I have had a home business for the past 11+ years, so really, I HAD to be organized or things just didn't happen. 3 years ago we moved to a property in the country and now my only child still home (11) is in school full time. And because of the distance he goes in when my husband leaves for work and comes home with hubby too. So I literally have HOURS where I can do exactly what I want without worrying about anyone else's schedule. You'd think I'd get lots of quilts and crafts (my hobbies) done, my business should be soaring, and my home should be spotless, right? Well, I'm finding with so few deadlines, I can fritter away so much time on FaceBook, Pinterest, COM (!) etc, plus I read constantly, that I have very little to show for my day sometimes. Any bright ideas for how to get onto a schedule that keeps me productive but not stressed?

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Try joining a class or group for your hobbies. I know it helps me get out of the same spiraling unproductive days when i get stuck in them. Because then its actually a scheduled time so its not just a thought you have its actually a set date and time and there will be others with the same interests :)

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