Childproofing Stairs

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I have a loft and there is a 1/2 wall as the railing from our 1st floor to second at the top of the stairs. My son is 2 and starting to climb up, push things around to be able to reach things. I am concerned he will try to push something against this wall, climb up and fall over down the stairs (a 10 ft drop). Does anyone have any suggestions on childproofing this, like a safety net or something incase he does climb and fall it will catch him?


Kathryn - posted on 01/07/2011




Hmm, that is a tough one. I have the same thing at my house. What I do is I have some buckets filled with different stuff all along the top of the 1/2 wall. That way I know if he was climbing up from the noise from the bucket falling. Ohter than that there isn't really anything to protect them from that.

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TJ - posted on 03/16/2014




I am contemplating putting in a false wall for my floor configuration to block off the area. The half wall is about 4 feet long and I am thinking about blocking off the area it borders. If the child doesn't perceive a ledge, there isn't one. Now to actually figure out how to erect it with as little damage as possible.

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