Does anyone have kids with seasonal allergies? What medication do you recommend?

Noreen - posted on 04/02/2009 ( 16 moms have responded )




Does anyonw have kids with seasonal allergies? What medication do u recommend? I heard that singular was bad. Anyone with feedback would be great/


Tara - posted on 04/03/2009




I have 2 kids with seasonal allergies, I use Childrens Reactine. It works great, whatever dose once a day and they're good for 24 hrs.

Karen - posted on 12/02/2012




My youngest child has severe allergies all year. I use Allegra for him. It is expensive, but the claritin and zyrtec both made him so hyper and crazy. The Allegra works well and does not make him crazy.

Noreen - posted on 04/09/2009




Let me know if you notice any side effects. I have the script just not sure if i want to use it. I googled singulair and the stories on there made me nervous

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Just came from the doctor because my daughter was on Claritin (she's 2) and it made her nuts. She became super aggressive and affected her sleep/naps. Benedryl doesn't last 24 hours and the dr said Zyrtec would most likely have similar effects as Claritin. So I just picked up a Rx for Singulair -- we'll see how that goes.

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Melissa - posted on 08/30/2010




I have just taken my son off singulair as he reacted very badly to it, he was only on it for about 2 months, but he had diarrhea the whole time, his behaviour was off the planet, he was so aggressive and hes only 4 years old, was having nightmares waking up hyper ventalating! Hes only been off it for about 2 weeks but the diarrhea has stopped and last night and today he finally seems to have calmed down and is becoming the sweet innocent little boy i know again! So I definately dont reccommend it!

Krystal - posted on 04/15/2009




My oldest son is having problems with his allergies ever since the pine pollen has gotten here, we have been taking claritin in the morning before he goes out and I think it has really helped him a lot!

Brooke - posted on 04/15/2009




I use Zyrtec with both my kids. ( well the Wal-Mart generic of it ) Works well but does make them either tired or cranky....I think that's my kids though ! LOL

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Drugs have side effects.  There are nutritional ways to improve problems with allergies so that you can avoid giving your kids medications with side effects. If you're interested in a report from a doctor who specializes in nutritional medicine, send me an email at

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She's been on it now for 24+ hours and I can tell you it's definitely working in regards to her nasal allergies. I've had to wipe her nose a few times, but NOTHING like without it. I've yet to notice a major change in behavior, but I'm also waiting for the full moon to pass before I pass judgement. :) I will keep you posted now that it's above freezing here in the northeast. I'm afraid to google anything because I'm desparate for something to work. I will add -- that my dr recommended we try this before sending her to an allergist. He explained that the allergist community seems to approach their patients by heavily medicating them to treat all aspects of the allergy. So since she is so young he thought it best to use the singulair vs. using several different drugs each day.

Amina - posted on 04/05/2009




my kids are on deselex and nasacor which helps. my son use singular sometime only when it is really bad. have not heard any bad about singular and it helps him without any side effects

Dawn - posted on 04/05/2009




i've had allergies my whole life and the only things that worked for me were allegra and flonase or nasonex. i think you have to be at least 12 for the allegra but don't quote me on it...check with your dr. they are al non drowsy which is good. i hated that groggy feeling all the time. also there are certain fruits and veggies that can trigger hayfever symptoms. watermelon, catoloupe, honeydo, and zuccinni. there could be more but these are the worst for me. you can google it.

Noreen - posted on 04/04/2009




Do u find any bad side effects like mood change or crying fits or anger..That is what people have been telling me

Kate CP - posted on 04/02/2009




Zyrtec and Claritin seem to work for lots of kids...except mine. :/
I've been using this new herbal remedy I got at Whole Foods called BHI Heel for Homeopathy "Allergy". You let it dissolve under the tongue or chew it. It's a little chalky, but it seems to really be working for my kiddo. Good luck. :)

Megan - posted on 04/02/2009




I use Claritin. You can get the generic @ walmart and that helps the pocket book. I am switching my youngest from to Claritin liquid to Zyrtec because target clearanced out a bunch of bottles for @2.66 and I had $2.00 coupons. They're still good for a year and I just saved myself a bunch of $

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