how to teach my daughter to use tampons and pads


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Suzan - posted on 01/21/2013




Hi Becky,
How old is your daughter? Has she started her period yet? If she has, how heavy is her menstrual flow? There are several things to consider re: pads and tampons - her age/size, amount of flow, activities, etc. I'd love to talk with you more about this. Always Infinity pads are awesome for absorbing and comfortable, too, if she prefers disposable pads. Cloth pads are a great choice for many girls and women. Tampons - if at all possible I'd wait a while to introduce them to her. The risk of TSS is a good reason. Menstrual cups are also a possible option, depending on her age and such. Again, I hope to hear from you!

Julie - posted on 01/15/2013




Oh lord, good question. It brings back memories of my mother teaching me. I was horrified, but grateful for ever more.
My mom bought the "slim" tampon and a tube of KY Jelly. She did a demo. on how to open, remove, apply jelly and then gave verbal instruction on how to insert from the outside of my bathroom door. I had privacy, but knew she was there if I need her. It worked out quite well, and I was one of the few girls my age that would swim during the summer :)

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