i have 5 kids from 6 to 1 how can i get everything done in one day pluse make sure they are at the sports that they are in

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Nataschia - posted on 03/27/2012




Get your oldest to help and involved do maybe your bedrooms monday or living room on Saturday etc... You can't get everyting done in one day and if they make the same mess 100 times everyday leave it until they fall asleep and don't forget the oneday of the week when you only do bare minimum and take a bubble bath care for your skin meditate do you nails and at least once a week exercise and try yoga with your kids it gives them something to do that takes care of there health as well as yours while bonding and having fun

Michelle - posted on 03/27/2012




Don't put so much pressure on yourself for starters. Don't expect all the housework to be done everyday either. Break it down into smaller lots and allocate the bigger jobs to different days.

If you expect to have a showhome and run around after 5 kids, you are going to burn yourself out. Do you have any help at all? You may have to start allocating jobs to others, like hubby/partner can do the dishes or laundry. He can help bath the kids. Even the older ones can help with putting laundry away and just general tidying up.

Don't try and be supermum, she doesn't exist.

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