I signed up my son for soccer and I saw my ex bf cousin

Sharongw3n - posted on 08/22/2017 ( 5 moms have responded )




Ok.. so I signed up my son for soccer and as I approached the field I saw my ex bf cousin who used to taunt me with her cousin when I was dating her cousin ( 4years) and I was 19 at the time but the anxiety flooded up but I played it off like it was nothing bc I focus on my little ones attention. She intentionally came closer to me but my back was turned and I did not look at her direction at all. I decided to write on this forum maybe to see if otherss had faced similar situations... I've been through a lot thru the years and I just want be a happy mom raising my three beautiful children just seems when I see the light at the end of the tunnel that someone from the past or just creepy people in general pop into my life and I don't know how to deal with it and when I turn to my mom she says bc people are jeolous bc I'm pretty.. honestly I don't care if I'm pretty I just want fit in and when I turn to my mother in laws she focuses on my kids when I'm just trying to talk to her as a daughter. When I talk to my fiancé (her son) he doesn't listen to me either/. So it's hard not upset.


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Ev - posted on 08/26/2017




I learned a lesson the hard way and I did not get professional help either. I could not afford it but I had friends. Friends who though did not understand the circumstances did understand my feelings in situations. If it were not for them and my family then I might be in a different place today. My ex and I split and we had to work out custody with the kids. My life felt like it was over. But I had to learn to deal with it. It is not easy but you can not let seeing people from the past that hurt get to you. AS long as you let it happen, they will get to you.

Sarah - posted on 08/24/2017




You are an adult and a parent. How would you want your own child to feel about herself and how would you want her to manage encountering unpleasant situations? I agree, you need to work on building your self esteem. You don't need anyone to tell you that you are alright, that you belong or fit in.

Michelle - posted on 08/22/2017




Maybe you should get some professional help to build up your self esteem and learn how to deal with the anxiety.
Life doesn't usually go smoothly but you need to learn how to deal with the speedbumps that pop up in your life.

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