Looking for sample menus for almost 9 month old baby

Daisy - posted on 06/08/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son already started finger foods so i'm glad about that although he still has not teeth, but i am looking to see other sample menus. He does formula with cereal in the mornings, mid - morning i do give him about 4 ounces of juice, lunch he will eat a 2nd jar of vegetable puree that i do for him from scratch and he is moving up to 3rd foods with formula. 3pm i do fruit and/or formula depends and dinner a jar of food with formula and cereal. Thing is i have to give him formula and then an hour later his food because he gets full fast..


Nichole - posted on 06/08/2010




My son is 9 months.

Here's a sample menu for a 9 month old -

Breakfast- mix grain cereal with a stage 2 or 3 granola DHA fruit mixed in

Snack- 6-10oz formula & gerber puffs/crunchies or cherrios

Lunch- Stage 3 meal or any table food or stage 4 meal mushed up into thick mashed potatoe consistancy & Stage 2 or 3 fruit or a no sugar added flavored applesauce

Snack- same as before

Dinner- same as lunch

Bedtime & middle of night 8-10 ounces formula each time

Juice/water as he's thirsty, no more than 6 ounces of juice, no more than 4 of water

Tablefoods I give my son include cottage cheese, mac & cheese, grill cheese, biskets, bread rolls, fruits, veggies, soups, and anything else I mush to look like mash potatoes.

Daisy - posted on 06/09/2010




Thank you i will check out the websites with sample menus for my 9 month old as soon as my little one naps, that's the only time i have to be able to do anything around the house lol...thank you again!!

Daisy - posted on 06/08/2010




Actually i don't do jar food. I puree my own vegetables made at home and put them in jars for easier access, but everything my son eats is natural and cooked by me or my husband. As far as hot dogs, i don't plan on giving him that anytime soon even if it is cut into really small pieces. Everything else is pretty much what i am doing now. Anyways, thanks for the sample menus for my 9 month old...


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Tiffany - posted on 06/08/2010




Um... I gave my 9 mo old whatever was at the table! Stop jarred food, he needs to learn the texture of real food.

When you serve chicken, just give him tiny cubes of it. Trust me, he can gum it up enough to not choke on it. Give him chopped cooked carrots, peas, sliced hot dogs, tiny bits of your steak, corn, etc. Let him finger food it. Why should you have to feed him a special meal when at this age, he's capable (and probably wants to) start feeling and tasting new things. Still give him a bottle/breastfeed, but do that before you feed him dinner or lunch with you.

Nicole - posted on 06/08/2010




Sweet potatoes, banana and avacado are great first foods for babies. I just cut them into pieces and put them on the tray. No teeth needed.

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