My 3 year old wont brush her teeth.

Misty - posted on 10/06/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




My 3 year old won't brush her teeth. She used to brush them all the time, but now its a fight. I have tried playing dentist, brushing with me, having her laydown so I can do it for her. But now she screams and won't let me do it or do it herself. Does anyone have some different ideas that may have?


Harlee - posted on 12/06/2013




Find out HER currency, then give or take that depending on her brushing. Make it FUN, too...maybe a chart with cute stickers that SHE selects and when she gets a predetermined (by YOU) # of stickers that equals a predetermined positive treat or outcome. If she doesn't do the itemson the chart, NO REWARD, NO exceptions. Good luck to you. ALL kids that age go thru defient's about who is in control. LOL✌


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Adeline - posted on 03/23/2014




my 15year old want brush his teeth his breath is so hot he always tell me he brush them but he alaways throw his tooth brush away

Cassandra - posted on 12/09/2013




My 3 year old son is doing the same thing now. Currently, I let him know that if he doesn't brush his teeth before school every morning then he will smell funny. That puts him in a good mood and he agrees to do it. Then while we are brushing (because he changes his mind after we start) I ask him questions about what might happen at school that day and it completely takes his mind off of what is going on. Food for thought.

Kimberly (Edwards) - posted on 10/10/2010




You could show her some pictures of some bad teeth! Explain how bad tooth aches hurt and how she would have to go to the dentist and what they would have to do to fix them! That my seem extreme for a 3yr old but some times extreme is necessary! Also I bought my 3 yr old a tooth brush with a suction cup on the end and he loves it! He would brush his teeth 100 times a day if I let him!

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Use yummy toothpaste. Maybe do a reward system, for everyday she lets you brush them, she gets a sticker...or something.

LovinLifeAsMommynWife - posted on 10/06/2010




Try to make a game out of it. I try to make things like that fun. We sing a song brush our teeth, wash our hands, and go potty. I kind of made up our own to song to brush our teeth and clean our ears. I know it's kind of silly, but it works. Below are a couple songs that I found on a site. Hopefully they'll help you out.



(to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")

Here's my toothpaste
Here's my brush
I won't hurry, I won't rush.
Working hard to keep teeth clean
Front and back and in between
When I brush for quite a while
I will have a happy smile.


The Toothbrush Song

(to the tune of "Row,Row, Row Your Boat")

Brush, brush, brush your teeth
Brush them everyday.
We put toothpaste on our brush
To help stop tooth decay.

Floss, floss, floss your teeth.
Floss them every day!
Using the string to clean between
Keeps the plaque away!

Clean, clean, clean your teeth.
Clean them every day!
Your teeth will sparkle for years to come
In the most beautiful way!

Brush, brush, brush your teeth.
Brush them every day!
Happy, healthy teeth you'll have
If it's done this way.


Brushing my Teeth

Up and down and round and round
I brush my teeth to keep them sound;
To keep them sound and clean and white
I brush them morning, noon and night.

Jenny - posted on 10/06/2010




This was also a task for me. i had to prepare myself. I started to make it fun by purchasing a tooth brush that my son wanted and a by giving him 3 options of toothpaste to chose from. I would count and say the alphabet and when I was done he was done. I also allowed him to do it the dark for some odd reason this eased it. LOL. I also would make it a race with my son and he would just scrub and scrub and before I knew it his teeth were clean as can be. Hope this helps.

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