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Renee - posted on 10/10/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I know that 2 year old's have behavioral issues and I have been around A LOT of kids growing up and was even a live in nanny for small children...but I have never seen a child so ill tempered as my son!! I tried to raise him right. He was the happiest go lucky baby out there. Never cried unless he was hungry or had a dirty diaper. When he is being good he is very good...polite, friendly, helpful, smart, and a charmer. When he is bad even God would lose his patience. We took him to a behavioral specialist and he said it was just temper tantrums. (He was banging his head so hard he was leaving dark bruises and goose eggs on his head) For instance he will have a complete fit when I try to eat anything and try to take the food out of my mouth saying "bites". So I tell him "no, we don't do that" and set him back down and continue to eat. I offer him "bites" of what ever I am eating and to get him his own but he refuses and pushes it away. He will try to take off with my food and hide it or throw it away. I use time outs with him but he will scream in his room for over 30minutes at a time. Not cry, but SCREAM. He will bang things around his room, hit the door, open the door a crack and scream out the door. I will ignore him, I will re-put him in his bed and tell him once he is calm he can come back down. As soon as I shut the door he is back at the door screaming and banging. He will be almost calm and then starts all over again. There is no telling some days what will set him off. He will be happy about going to bed but as soon as he climbs into bed he will start to scream. He will bring me a diaper to change him and as soon as I go to take his pants off to change him he will have a fit...
I have no where else besides his room to use as time out due to his "out bursts" he has with his tantrums. I tried to use a stair but he wouldn't stay put. When he was younger I would use a play pen as a time out spot so he wouldn't associate his room with being "naughty", but he can now climb out of the play pen faster than I can put him in.
I am at a complete loss as to what to do with him. Some days I feel as if I have failed him as a mother. I am open to suggestions on what to do with him.


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Whatever you do you have to stick to it. He has to know your are serious. If he stops when you come into the room only shows he is playing you. Getting your attention is more important to him then his head. He may have a high talerance to pain. If you put him in his room leave him in there for the time you plan. If he gets out you take him back . Yes it will take all day but you have to break him of this bad behavior before he goes to school. At this age they cant explain why they are mad,upset,even happy. I taught my girls simple signs in sign lanag. to help them express their emotions.Try that with him too. Good Luck and God be with you. Remember YOU ARE A GOOD ENOUGH MOTHER. That is all we can ask to be.

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