Need more child friendly movies.

Toni - posted on 08/26/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




I let my son watch 1 movie a day at the moment, because he isn't school age yet and it lets me have some time to clean the house.

Just wondering if anyone can suggest some good childrens movies because Im getting really tired of listening/watching the same ones over and over again.

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Bethany - posted on 08/28/2012




My 3 year old loves Rio, and I kinda do too, really upbeat music and colourful and not too scarey. She likes Alladin, but usually needs me to sit with her a bit in the darker scenes. I usually get her DVDs that have nice little kid's tv shows on them like Fifi and the Flowertots, winnie the pooh adventures, Thomas the Tankengine, Hi-5, The Fairies, Mister Maker (a fave)

I get them out of our library for free, for 4 weeks at a time, rather than buy them, incase she doesn't like them and when she grows out of them.

Kim - posted on 08/27/2012




Anything Disney, obviously. Or maybe some animal movies, kids usually would like those I'd think? Cats & Dogs, Homeward Bound, ect.

Amanda - posted on 08/26/2012




Not that we watch movies that often but my 4 and 2 yr old love the disney pixar movies.

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