not sure how to get her on a night time schedule that works for both of us.

Trisha - posted on 01/10/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




as of now, Bianca sleeps through the night but she goes to sleep around ten or eleven. shes biracial, so bathing her nightly dries her out too much (no matter how much i moisturize) so we bathe her every other night. this throws her off so she does what she wants with her night time schedule. help?

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I would move the bath to another time of day so that you can have the same routine every night before bed. Reading a story, massage, singing lullabies are good things to do to get ready for bed.

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Use other activites every night as her night time routine. Massage, books (same books for a while), songs(same songs for a while), breastfeed/bottle?

You could try bathing her in the mornings or some other time during the day or early evening so she does not associate bathing as her 'big; sleep time.

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