should a 13 year old have an iphone?


Sarah - posted on 05/30/2013




Personally I think a 13 yr old does not need an iphone. I am 37 yrs old and don't have an iphone. At 13 yrs old I can see having a phone, but more like a trak phone. I think having something that teaches them how to use their phone responsibly is better then getting the phone that can do all. With an iphone also comes the ability to have internet 24/7 and without your monitoring. There are SO many different apps now that can do some many different things (which can be nice) but it can also be dangerous. Kids can have accounts on instigram, facetime, and so many other apps that can attract predators. My big question would be why does a 13 yr old need an iphone? I have always told my kids that when I see that there is a need for a phone then I will get you what you need. I could start to see the need for a phone around your child's age, but I did not see that they needed a phone with internet. I saw the need for a phone that could call and text. That is still the type of phone they have today.

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