Thumbprint Christmas Cards: Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Usually, I'm much more organized by this time of the year. My Christmas cards have already been printed and posted, the tree is decorated and twinkling, the cookies are ready for Santa, and the presents are hiding in the closet.

But, considering that it's Christmas Eve next week, and the only check off my list is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, thanks to Trees For Troops, I've got some serious rowing to do up this creek!

With absolutely no time for a fancy family Christmas photo shoot (including the dogs) in hideous reindeer jumpers (sweaters: including the dogs), I opted to pull out the paints, glitter and crayons, and create some instantly cute 'Thumbprint Christmas Cards' featuring Michael's stubby little fingers.

However, after three or four 'wonky' prints he decided that his bike was much more fun, leaving me to play kindergarten and finish the cards myself, which actually turned out to be a few 'hours' of unexpected mild entertainment.

Here's what you will need:
1: Paints & paintbrushes
2. Crayons or markers
3. White or colored heavy paper
4. Stickers, glitter or anything shiny..oooh my favorite!
5. A little bit of imagination (trust me you don't need to be Dr Seuss)

Let the fun begin:
1. Fold heavy paper into desired card size.
2. Dip your thumb in paint and press to make the desired figure (Santa, Reindeer or Snowman)
3. Once dry, write a family member's name under each figure, then let your creativity go crazy!

NOTE: Even the 'wonkiest' of prints can be transformed into a unique personal design.

In fact, my favorite card was created when my aim for thumbprint perfection was thwarted by Michael's independence.

Instead of allowing my OCD to kick in and throw the card away, I just looked at it from another perspective. Hmmm, tumbling snowmen trying to escape an avalanche...perfect!

The Santa thumbprint card was an original idea that I thought would be easy to create. Two red thumbprints, some boots, a hat and a beard...easy. However, I realized that to make Santa look like more than just two blobs of red paint, I would need to add some extra 'obvious' details.

And, that's where a fine black marker and a fine dipped in white paintbrush, dappled on for Santa's beard, eyebrows, and pom ball came in.

It was only after I stood back and proudly smiled at my creations, some two hours later, that I realized something odd...Santa's Got No Arms!

I thought for a minute, then resigned myself to the fact that a: I didn't know how to draw anything other than 'stick figure' arms and b; my Thumbprint Christmas Card patience had shouted it's last Ho! Ho!

Overall, these 'Thumbprint Christmas Cards' were fun to make and despite my little one having beyond minimal patience, he still had fun dipping his fingers in paint, and I still managed to capture his stubby little fingers on three cards.

Three cards that Grandma and Grandpa will no doubt have displayed on the fridge way after the last Christmas carol has been sung.

Merry Christmas!



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