yes 17% (1 vote)

No 33% (2 votes)

I would if she was in the picture. 33% (2 votes)

Great Idea I 'll start using that idea. 0% (0 votes)

I have tried but it didn't turn out so well. 17% (1 vote)

6 Total Votes

How do you introduce your Stepchild?

This is Gabey, My Husbands daughter! 12% (7 votes)

This is my stepdaughter, from a previous Marriage of Gary's 9% (5 votes)

This is our Daughter Gabey! 46% (26 votes)

She doesn't even know that she is a stepchild! 7% (4 votes)

Shes the same as my Bio. girls, and would NEVER use the word! 26% (15 votes)

57 Total Votes

How well are you treated by school admin...even when your husband has custody?

mediocore respect. 64% (29 votes)

Surprisingly cold. 36% (16 votes)

45 Total Votes

Do you have full custody of your SK's?

No we have a EOE rotating schedule 27% (35 votes)

No the BM has SK/s and I have visitation 25% (33 votes)

Yes I have complete custody of SK 32% (42 votes)

Yes and BM is out of the picture 16% (21 votes)

131 Total Votes

Do you as the step mom get along with the bio mom?

We've had our arguments but we can be civil 20% (41 votes)

NO! We can't even be in the same room 37% (74 votes)

Kinda. We put up with eachother bc we have to 24% (49 votes)

Yes. We communicate very well 18% (36 votes)

200 Total Votes

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