Why does the BIO MOM make it so Difficult for the Dad

Darlene - posted on 11/17/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Its her way or no way. Always wanting and wanting. More money or something. They are never happy. If she is happy then she has said or done something to the Dad. How can anyone deal with this crap. The BIO gets her child support and it is to cover things for the children but she never does. How do you stop it or how do you deal with it. You can say no all you want but it never stops. The kids are young will they remember when they get older that Dad and step mom did the best for them. So many questions and I cant find the right answer to help him or myself. When does it stop, whats the age that we never ever have to listen to her crap.


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Andrea - posted on 03/06/2011




I dont think that it will ever end! My partner's ex seems to think she still has control over him, used to always use the kids to get him over to fix things around the house for her. It was difficult for me when we started dating, but now we are getting married and having our own child, I took control. When I realized what she was doing to manipulate my partner, I told him to give her numbers for repairmen, I answer the phone now everytime she calls, and if she isn't polite she doesn't get through. I am kind and great to her children, they all really like me, we dont have too many issues like that, but I spend time with them. She is a tv parent...buys them things but wont spend 5 minutes with them. I think its one of those things that until the youngest of the step kids is grown up, you will have to put up with that woman for. Kill her with kindness, works better then getting down to their level. Apparently mine is grumpy I am having a child according to the other kids!! She cheated on my partner, ran off with her uncle for a bit, drinks, smokes pot, sleeps with anything that knocks on her door, in the end...I just keep my head up and hope her kids dont take after her!!

Lindsay - posted on 02/03/2011




i have a 6 ur old stepdaughter ive been in her life for four years now and we have always had the same problem. im thankful that the she has stopped starting stuff with me. but i cant stand the way she treats my husband now. i used to let him deal with her before we got married but now that we are married i put my two since in bc it involves my husband and that involves me. if he wont say anything then you should but make sure u approach her in a nice way until u see how shes goin to act

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We only pay child support. The girls have their own room, clothes, toys, etc here. Not much goes back and forth between our house and bio mom's. The girls know that we do the best we can. Yes they tell us that they need this or that at their mom's, we tell them to ask her. We provided what they need at our place. How old are your step-children?

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