My stressful pregnancy

Lexi - posted on 11/05/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Mine is more of a I need to vent story than the other two on the board, fortunately I was blessed with no complications except the annoying rash known as PUPPP. As two you two girls, you're both very strong, and I hope things have turned for the best since you posted! I found out I was pregnant in March this year, and when I got into the doctor in April I was 9 weeks along. It was definitely unexpected, though I wouldn't necessarily say unwelcome, and it was scary! I had been on birth control for years, and all of a sudden, with no reason or cause for it to do so it failed. My doctor even said it had to have just been my body chemistry wasn't right with that type of hormone. Soon there after I told my parents and my husband told his, they all seemed a little disappointed in us as we knew we weren't financially stable enough to have a child yet, and it wasn't the right time, but they've been really supportive ever since, which is probably the biggest blessing of all. That same month I quit my job at the call center I was at because I was having stress induced HORRIBLE morning sickness, that *magically* didn't occur on my days off work. As soon as I quit things got much better, I hadn't gotten sick since! However, in June after expecting a PROMOTION that he deserved and had worked hard for for 5 years, my husband was fired from his job, with no given cause. We struggled through the next few months trying desperately to get jobs, but no one was hiring and they certainly didn't want to hire a pregnant woman, which though it may be illegal is impossible to prove. Even though Sam had filed for unemployment right away after being fired things kept coming up and they'd have to restart the process over and over. He kept filing and never heard much back until finally one day we got a letter stating that he was entitled to 5000+ over a period of 6 months, including 2 months back pay right away. This however was followed by a letter saying he was denied as his employer submitted that he QUIT with out just reason, more specifcally that he was under suspicion for having stolen money, which he knew NOTHING about and we think the manager was just trying to cover her butt, but the point is, after all that we had NOTHING but more debt. He filed for an appeal, which was acknowledged and approved, but we haven't heard a date or anything yet (5 months later). He finally got another part time job at a place he loves, and we decided to have his best friend from middle school move in with us to help with rent. He and his girlfriend have been room mates from hell. they'd be up all night, theyre rude to me in my own home, they don't clean they only cook for themselves but expect me to get groceries and cook for everyone, its just entirely unacceptable, but we can't pay rent by our selves... Now I have this rash that itches 24/7 and worse at nihgt, so I can't sleep and them keeping me awake plus the constant urge and need to pee. I'm just exhausted, and angry and i can't wait until we move in December, even if it will be hard with a new baby. Only 3-5 more weeks!!! I can not WAIT!


Natasha - posted on 12/04/2009




Oh I hope things get better for you! I have a similar situation. My husband and I have had to move in with his father (who is completely crazy by the way) and now he has kicked us out. We are expected to move within a week. We have nothing, no bed, furniture, no blankets. My husband has been looking for work for almost four months now and absolutely no one is hiring. I work full time over night but I've been getting so sick lately I've been missing a lot of work, which I can't afford. I have been so depressed lately but I keep telling myself that I will learn from all of this and there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel. So hang in there and one day you will be able to help your child not go through some of the stuff you have to go through. Good luck!

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